The RealMusik Radio Show on Friday 19 April 2024 at 2pm.

Where we’ve been, where we are, where we’re going.


The Jesus & Mary Chain-Jamcod
Penny Arcade-Don’t Cry No Tears
Al Lewis-Sunshine In Sorrow
Pete Astor-She Comes From The Rain
Tokyosongbird-On Falling
Emma Hunter-Awaken Me
Work On TV-Rich
Kala Chng-Wild Woman
Scott Stapp (Ft Dorothy)-If These Walls Could Talk
Ronan Furlong-Mystic Mountain
The Cyrkle-We Can Find It
Eddie Cochran-Summertime Blues
The Dobermans-She Loves Everyone
The Speed Of Sound-West Wind
The Band-The Weight
Dave Matthews Band-The Space Between (Live)
Echo Wants Her Voice Back-Crimson Sun
Ghost Singers-Wait
Jessica Pardoe-This Is My Life
JW Paris-Who Are You
Mumbles-Everything Just Sprawls
Nathaniel Bawden-Give In
Kaiden Nolan-Undersold
Feverjaw-Out Of Havoc
Pokey LaFarge-Sister Andre