The RealMusik Radio Show on Friday 8 December 2023 at 2pm.

Where we’ve been, where we are, where we’re going.

Iona Zajac & Daragh Lynch-The Burning Of Auchindoun
Milyssa Rose-Sad Girl
Red Peril-Bollywood Gangster
Odetta-Another Man Done Gone
Florence Black-Warning Sign
Jamie Lawson-Without A Doubt
Exploring Birdsong-Diamond Eyes
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention-Son Of Suzy Creamcheese
Mint Mind-Tiny Figures
leisure fm-Statuesque
Pseudo Cool-The Lighthouse
Ruby J-Backtrack
Leadbelly-Black Betty
Daniel Darley-Daily Cause
Helder Rock-Funky Jazz
Elephant Stone-History Repeating
John Lennon-Bless You
Panda Bear-Surfer’s Hymn
Helefonix-Another Life
The Rolling Stones-Get Close
The Jesus & Mary Chain-Cracking Up
Mark Lanegan (ft Nick Cave & Warren Ellis)-Go Tell The Mountain
Annie Dressner-Black & White
All The Bees-Wildflowers
Tijuana Bibles-Unknown
Drew Davies-The Bitter End
Shane MacGowan’s Popes-A Rainy Night In Soho